Monday, 16 May 2016

Under the Sun

Waking up to this "I think it might rain today" weather makes me feel sad! The scorching sun and the unbearable heat aside, I have always been a Summer baby (literally) and this gloomy weather's saying Summer will be over soon! From all the paper writing and the busy schedule my friends and I are experiencing, it's like this year's sunny season just flew by. Hello acad shift! Good thing I was dragged to join this Cagbalete trip. If you know me well, I have a huge thing for spontaneous trips and that's what I've been missing lately! This trip was really one for the books not only because of meeting new people but also the new experience and the muni muni moments it gave me!
Cagbalete is really a place where you can go to if you want that quiet time away from the city. Aside from the beach there's a town nearby you can explore. I will be sharing more how to's on the next post!

Hay. These photos just make me miss the beach even more! My next beach trip won't come any time soon but I'm so excited for it!!! See you soon Cebu but for now, will somebody please adopt me in your next summer getaway? :)

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