Friday, 29 January 2016

I Accept

 After a week of attending to life's endless dramas, here I am again pulling myself up, resisting the urge to spend the whole day on the couch watching itsjudyslife vlogs. Lately, I've been so hooked with their vlogs that I actually think of doing one. They are so transparent with everything - from their fights to the happy moments. Watching Julianna bear and her conversations with the twins are soooo addicting! I swear you should check them out on youtube! But sometimes you just have to move your ass off the couch because you have so many things to attend to (like your blog posts Angela!)
I can't wait to share with you guys my amazing experience with my best friend when we visited Davao. This one was different because everything was just so spontaneous! Oh! And I'm proud to say I'm so motivated with everything right now in achieving 2016's fitness, school and travel goals! Well, there are some major tweaks and adjustments that are to be done but as they say Life Goes On. Thanks to yoga and a lot of workload, I'm slowly coping up. Baby steps, no rushing here. 

As my first yoga lesson says: I Accept


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  1. Wahhh, how was your trip? More pictures please! <3


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