Friday, 22 January 2016

10 Life Lessons of a Twenty-something

WARNING: Long post ahead! (Took me days to finish this HAHA)
I've been getting a lot of questions lately from close friends asking or worrying what it's gonna be like when you step out of college or the I-don't-want-to-graduate-I-just-want-to-study rants. Being the ate of the batch and a most-of-the-time-pondering-and-reflecting-about-life person, I thought why not write a blog post and share with you guys things I wish someone warned me about. No sugar coating here!

1. Ready Yourself For Surprises Along The Way

Even though you feel like you're in control of everything, YOU ARE NOT. May it be an opportunity knocking at your door or a surprise guest that's about to shatter what you have now, be prepared. As they say, Life's full of surprises. Better be ready!

2. Things Don't Go Exactly The Way You Planned Them

Most. Of. The. Time. and I mean it. Rejected thesis proposals, delayed graduation, your GWA missing a .10 for that latin honors - Yes, I know. Things happen. But don't worry, you can cope up. Think about it as God preparing you for greater things ahead!

3. Self-reflect, It Helps A Lot

Always allot some alone time for yourself. Reflect about how life has been for you. It's in these moments that we realize what needs improvement and what makes us happy. Remember as the song goes: Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!

4. You Don't Have To Decide Now

You're in that stage where you are not so sure if you'd start acting as an adult or you'd still cling to that kid inside you. Don't worry too much. Think of it as the world welcoming you to a new door. You don't have to stress yourself out making solid decisions for your future. Now's the time perfect time to discover the how to's of life. 

5. Forgive. Accept. Let Go. Move On

I know, easier said than done. May it be an old friend, a relative, a stranger or a relationship - things happen. There are no shortcuts here but I'm sure you'll meet a stronger version of yourself in the end. So instead of dwelling and rotting in the past might as well continue and face things with a smile! :)

6. Cry When You Need To

I swear I cry a lot. I cry when I'm disappointed, mad, happy or sad. I cry when I know I need to so I'd avoid unwanted arguments, so that I won't utter things I don't really mean to say. It's one way of letting go of the baggage you've been carrying so you can try to start moving forward. Cry now, smile tomorrow! :)

7. Live One Day At A Time

One of the many things my mom taught me is to live one day at a time. Never rush growing up. Even if you feel as if you're older than most people you know, you're still that lost twenty-something figuring things out like most of the others around you. Enjoy things. Plan but don't let your plans hinder you from trying new things. What you dislike now might end up what interests you tomorrow. Be open to possibilities. Remember there are 365 days in a year, make those days as colorful as possible!

8. Never Lose The Kid In You

I love kids! And most of the time acts child-like (not childish ha!) around people I'm comfortable with. I'm the Ate at home but feel like the Bunso (or not) hahaha! It just fascinates me how things look so simple when you're a kid. You enjoy life more and see beauty in the smallest things! Plus! It also makes you look younger because youth comes from the inside diba?!

9. Learn to compromise but know when to stop

In life, you never ever ever get everything the way you want it. Sometimes to make things work you have to learn to compromise. Being the one to compromise does not mean you are the weaker one. It just shows how much you value and understand others. It shows how you are willing to give up things to open up for greater ones. But remember know when to stop, never ever give everything up to the point that it makes you unhappy or worse, lose yourself in doing so.

10. Life's full of crap

Yes. I don't want to sugar coat it for you guys. Apparently, that line you often hear from the movies is somehow true. There will always be these negative forces outside your bubble trying to pull you down - from disappointments, failures, unmet expectations, failed relationships, insecurities, the list goes on and on. But other than these are more blessings you need to be thankful for like arriving safely at school, friends that keep you company or that jeepney ride you've been waiting for for hours. Like what I always believe in Optimism is the key to life's shitty moments. Always see the good side in everything and you shall enjoy and live every moment the best way you can :)

 I'm no expert in here and these are just my opinion (which are based from my experience, by the way) but those late night talks made me realize that most of us have the same questions in mind.
I hope this helps you guys out there with questions waiting to be answered.

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