Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bloggers United 7 Photodiary

Here's a quick post after two days of not updating here. Still working at this time of the night so I'm gonna make this post quick and share with you guys how awesome my BU7 experience is. I enjoyed this 7th installment of Bloggers United because there were less people there and more booths to choose from. Although my sister nearly fainted (as in! her lips were so white na!) before we got in because of the intense heat, everything was worth the wait. There were so many activities and it was very interactive. Our hairkada selfie even won that day!
The Sunsilk booth was also there to give everyone free hair makeovers. COOL RIGHT!

Free mani/pedi/change polish for everyone in the Nail it! booth

We won shades from Fly shades because of our hairkada selfie!
You wouldn't go hungry because of the food trucks outside Metrotent. 
My favorite bloggers together in one picture. So cute!

Sorry girls!
With Mama Arnie
Aren't they the cutest couple ever!

I enjoyed BU7 so much because of this first timer here! I'm still working on getting her start her own blog :)

There were so many girls waiting for Vern and Verniece and we didn't get the chance to grab any of their stuff. But we were lucky enough to have a picture with them!

They announced that they're having a book this June! I'm so excited for this!
Too bad we left early because there were more surprises later that afternoon.
We'll surely be ready for the next one. BU8 see you!!

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