Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Starting Over Again

And I'm back!! I'm so excited to blog again and I missed it so much! Sorry for being away for so long. School became so busy especially with Ang Nawalang Kapatid happening (watch out for our re-run this July!). I know the title sounds so cliche but it's what I'm feeling right now. I am actually feeling like a stranger in my own blog. NOOOOO! Haha! Kidding aside, I decided I can't really give up this baby. It serves as my stress reliever and I know it will really help me especially this coming school year (hoping for something really great when May comes *pray with me guys*) And honestly, this blog teaches me responsibility and time management. Wooah! Even with the 5-month hiatus, I still take my outfit photos and find the time to think of my posts. I chose this one as a come back post because I was again inspired by all the bloggers in BU7! Backlogs, sorry but I just had to post this one first. Haha! I'll try to share with you my BU7 experience on another post!

Top: Ripples by Jenny Skirt: The Ramp (Gift) Sandals: SM Department Store

(c) I am Meg

I felt so happy seeing this photo! Thank you I am Meg for this photo! I was not able to take a decent outfit shot for that day since I was so excited to shop and see all the bloggers there.

I hope you guys are still with me and my blog!
Do you like my new blog layout? I tried my very best guys! :)

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