Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Probably you guys are wondering why the title is Playground when I'm not really taking these shots at a playground. Haha! I just look like I'm playing on one in these photos. Like a kid, twirling around with her skirt. This is just one of the many backlogs I have pending here and as promised to my baby blog, I will try my very best to post here everyday. Hooray for me! These pictures were taken during the Holy Week somewhere in Antipolo where we did our yearly ritual of Bisita Iglesia. It saddens me how the place was so full of garbage that I had to edit out the trash in the background of some photos :( 

Top from Forever 21 (BU6 from Mama Arnie! :))
Pearl bracelet from Davao
By the time you read this, most likely I'm on the road somewhere traveling to Puerto Galera. I'm so excited for this beach trip since it will be my first for this summer! And I haven't mentioned to you guys that I'm taking 4 semesters this year to cope up with my transferring (summer,midyear,1st sem ad 2nd sem). I won't say it sucks because I'm actually enjoying the busy schedule :)

Where have you been this summer? :)


  1. Thank you Ayn! :) We missed you two sa outing! Sana next time sama na kayo! :)


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