Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kid at heart

So here's my super late photodiary of my cousin's birthday party which I told you in my previous post. Sorry for stalling and stalling my posts. Now I have a long list of late posts waiting na. Well back to the post, I'm a huge fan of parties like this because it really brings out the kid in me. My 7-year old side enjoyed it as much as the other kids did. Plus! The party had a Monsters University theme! Which is actually one of my favorite movies! Weird fact: I can say the lines of Monsters Inc. from beginning til the end if you'd dare me to. That's how I loved it! So imagine my excitement when I saw the place! By the way it was held at Water Nymph in Marikina. Sorry for bombarding this post with photos I just had to share them with you guys! :)

I really really wanted one of these!! I had a hard time refraining myself from asking for one. Haha!

Pogi Nathan showing his ID to me

This served as a name tag for the kids. I wouldn't let this one pass though!

Bravely asked for a giveaway. Haha!

See how I enjoyed? Haha! My dream of entering Hogwarts may have been shattered when I turned 11 and no express mail came but who would have thought my 19 year old self will be a student in Monsters University right?! :)


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