Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Free times

Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you guys had a good time welcoming 2014! Before I go on with my 2013 realizations post, I'll get rid of my backlogs first. Sorry for being a lazy blogger. Rehearsals are really tight now that we are a month away from opening. Free times are either allotted with my family or spent sleeping. Haha! But I'm enjoying the busy schedule. You should watch out for us this February!

Last December 26, we celebrated my Dad's birthday at Tagaytay and had lunch there. And because everyone's there for the cold weather we chose to head down to Nuvali and Solenad immediately afterwards. If you guys are looking for cheap finds, you must head South and visit the bazaars and the outlet stores that they have. They have everything there! Fashion to sports to food and random things you can think of. Plus the place is really perfect for taking nice pictures. Haha! Weather here in Manila just makes me want to go back there :(

Vacation's passing by so quick! Are you guys ready to go back to school already? I think I'm not yet ready for it :( Haha!


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