Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fantastic Baby


You may be wondering why the title is Fantastic Baby for such a formal post. Well, this outfit is what I wore to one of my theatre lovies' birthday, Jessette. As friends, we have that mandatory performance and this warm up craze that we actually do before rehearsals with the song Fantastic Baby became our impromptu dance presentation. The best part is they didn't notice that we did not actually plan the dance. Imagine us dancing our hearts out in 5-inched heels. Haha!

The night turned really great! Special thanks to the best mom ever for finding me something to wear the night before the event. Sorry and thank you! :* What I loved about this dress is that it's all black giving you all the freedom to accessorize it. Another favorite! I'm sure you'll be seeing this again here!

*Sorry for the low quality photos. I don't know what happened but they became like that when I uploaded them here.

Photos by: Chase Salazar

So here's us dancing Fantastic Baby. Watch it guys!! I know you'll be entertained! :)

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