Saturday, 2 November 2013

Throw back

Last Wednesday, I got my feet checked because of the pain I'm feeling for the past months. Good thing it's nothing serious but I just found out through the X-ray that I have this misplaced bone in my feet. COOL RIGHT?! Ok, maybe not that cool but I was really fascinated by how the doctor explained it. Haha! After the check-up we headed to Pan de Amerikana to have lunch and everything was screaming THROW BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL!!! I'm not exaggerating if I tell you guys that all I was saying the whole time was "Doon o nagshoot kami dyan", "Inurong pa namin mga gamit", "Grabe nakakamiss!" Serious! I remember way back 4th year we were tasked to film a short trailer for El Filibusterismo and we did some of the shots here and even in Intramuros. CAREER! Imagine almost 45 of us traveling and shooting there. Haaay! I miss those days!! I'll share with you guys how awesome this place is on another post. For now, here is what I wore to a casual day with the family.

 I had so much fun taking these pictures because my sister was the one who took them and she also requested that I get my shots here at this bridge. I insisted on another part of the restaurant since heights are a big NO for me. She ended up being the chicken one hence the shaky photos. SORRY! :))

 Funny story: I was about to wear sneakers for that day but chose to wear these sandals instead so it'll be easier for the doctor to check my foot. She ended up scolding me because these are too thin and flat. No more flats for me na daw. For outfits na lang! Haha!

My official photographer who I'm forcing to work on her blog.
Kamille Vargas

Wait for my post on this beautiful place! It's very close to my heart (because my school is near this) and it has good food too! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!


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