Thursday, 24 October 2013

Back on track

I know I'm the laziest blogger ever. Sorry and here I am telling everyone that I'm making up for it. Hahaha! It has been a roller coaster ride for me these last three months and I just had to prioritize things. Tsk! This sounds too old :)) Any way, I got Ralph and Chase, my theater friends, on this blog project that's why I'm feeling confident this time. The more the merrier! So this is what I wore last Monday to school. We've been having dance workshops for almost two weeks now. Intense conditioning and training!
 And because I'm late for our shoot, I ended up shooting on the rehearsal venue at two places pa!! Yes. Lame blogger award. Haha! Forgive me please!! Good thing Chase is really good! Visit her blog here!
I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it hanging on the wardrobe. My mom got it for a low price and it has a slit on the side and is very light and comfortable to wear. JACKPOT! I used one of my BU5 hauls as a top here even though it's a dress. You'll be seeing more of it coz it's becoming a favorite na :)
 And here are my failed attempts on achieving that twirl effect! Hahaha! Me being myself in front of the camera. Sorry! :)

Thinking on taking conditioning classes.. I've been dreaming on going on one but thinking twice since I have no one to go with :( But our workshops are really pushing me towards it! Haha!

Photos by Chase Salazar

I missed shooting for my blog so I think you guys are going to see more of me here!

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