Saturday, 6 July 2013

Working it

After that long hiatus, I am now back! I have been forcing my sister to try doing Zumba for the longest time. And because we are tired of the usual jogging around the oval, we did it this afternoon! Now I am feeling so bad because I did not bring my camera with me. Forgive me for the lame pictures :)

My sister goofing around during the water break

It was not as hard as Insanity or the others but you'll definitely sweat a lot! Although we felt a little shy at first because the people there look like they know each other already but that is what's good with sessions like this. You get to meet new people! It doesn't feel like you're working out because we enjoyed dancing as much as we love eating ice cream! Haha! Ok that was weird. I only realized how tired I was when I went to freshen up and saw my face so red! 

Looking forward to doing this again! :)

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