Monday, 29 July 2013

Skater Girl

I'm sorry for being the laziest blogger of the decade. There's just so many things to do and it's really hard to do your best in both school and production work. But I promise to try and make up for the long hiatus. Yesterday's my first time to be an audience in a Dulaang UP production. It felt really nice watching your friends perform on stage. I'll write another post on that :) Congratulations to Dulaang UP's first production for this season ADARNA!! Sold out!!

I remember telling myself before that I'll try and stay away from the skater skirt trend since everyone seems to be wearing one but when I saw this, no second thoughts were made, I just had to have it! I love how edgy it looks and somehow makes its statement. Definitely an exception! *insert "Only Exception" soundtrack here*

Top: Mom's closet Skirt: Greenhills Shopping Center SneakersSM Department Store
I don't know why my hair color looks so strong here. Thinking about getting it colored black. What do you guys think? :)
Cute girl necklace: Pasalubong from my mom (Cebu)

I hope you guys liked yesterdays outfit!!
I promise to put more photos next time :)

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