Thursday, 6 June 2013

The #BU5 Ultimate Experience

Long post ahead!
The moment I knew Bloggers United will be having another installment, I told myself I wouldn't let this one pass. I was not able to go to the other four because of production work and I tried convincing myself that if it's meant to be, it will happen. I was so excited for this! Why? Because I really really really want to meet my favorite bloggers! I consider the shopping part a bonus because my main purpose for going there is to meet them and I was not disappointed :) We woke up at 7AM to be able to get there before 10AM. Let me share with you my BU5 experience through these pictures :)

Bought our tickets the day before the event at SM tickets
Went with these people and my sisters
From left to right: Ralph, Me, Dean, Jessette and Chase
Forced these guys and my sisters to join me. Working on forcing Ralph to start his own blog. Haha!

Good thing we bought tickets in advance! Look how long the line is!
And here comes the best part..

Lissa Kahayon of Scenestealer
Starstrucked. All I could say was
"Uhmm. Pwede pong papicture?"
She's so beautiful in person and so gorgeous! Until now I can't get over it.
I love reading her blog because of her creative, experimental style and her workouts are really an inspiration.

Vern Enciso of V♥V
I really look up to her. Because she is my inspiration as to why this blog exists today :)
She's so pretty and nice! If only there were less people in the area I'd ask for more shots with her and a hug from her. Haha! Her posts are really an inspiration not only in fashion but also in life. A day doesn't pass that I don't visit their blog ♥

Stalker pictures!
Verniece Enciso of V♥V
If you're looking for that girly girl inspiration, Verniece is the perfect one for it.
I admire her style and her skating talent (frustrated ice skater over here!)
She's so nice and she even asked the names of the people she took shots with.
I hope she remembers me and my sister when we see them again!

Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessioista
I was sorta feeling irritated already because the room was starting to pile up with people.
We passed by her and I didn't realize she was there. *lingon moment* then "KAMILLE PICTURAN MO KO KASAMA SIYA PLEASE!!" Haha! Instant GV.
She's so gorgeous just like in her pictures. I really like the way she styles herself especially her boho looks.
And the fact that she's an Interior Design student appeals so much to me! *insert sad sfx* (shattered Architect dreams)

Arnie Villanueva of Raid My Closet
I love reading her blog because no matter how simple a look may be, it always looks sophisticated when she's wearing it. She's so nice to let me take a picture with her even if she already looks tired while handling the registration :) I wish I could meet her again and take a decent photo with her. Not with my goofy face up there :))

Here are other photos from the event:

Dani Barretto of Style Is Eternal

Kryz Uy of Thirstythought

Chase with my sisters, Kamille and Kyle

Partners in crime Chase and Jessette
I just can't help but post this photo :">

It was really an awesome experience!
And this early I'm already looking forward to BU6!