Wednesday, 12 June 2013

First day all over again

School's started last week for us. New subjects and new friends to meet. I'm feeling bigger responsibilities this sem are coming for me and I thank my Dulaang UP family for that. But even though I'm already a junior student of this school, I still have those first day jitters every semester starts. So don't worry freshmen because you're not the only one who has them.

Honestly, my first day was something to remember. My first class was at 1PM and I was so confident that I know the classroom already. Abbreviations can sometimes be misleading and I went to the wrong room, was running late and clueless as to where my class is! Haha!

Unless you have mastered your school or you own a GPS, go to your class 10-15 mins earlier especially on first days or have a trip around the campus even before classes starts.

My goofing around face

shades, watch - BU5

Top/shorts - thrifted  Bag - BU5  Shoes - Sebago

Nails by Beauty and Butter
Photos by Jessette Namin

So how was your first day? :)
Hope it went well!

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