Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stackers x Mother's Day

I promise to get rid of this habit of posting my entries super late but squeezing it in between production work is really hard. Haha. So here's how we celebrated last Mother's day. For those who love burgers Stackers is one place for you.

It was really hard choosing what to eat because everything on the menu looks so delicious that you just want to taste everything. Haha!

Stackers Baked Chicken.
You wouldn't want to miss this one.
 My mom's Jack Burger
This one's the best :-bd

Kyle's Stack Cheese Burger 

 My Philly Cheese Burger. Pretending to be health conscious. Haha!

Maxine's Pepper Crunch Burger

My dad's Asian Pagoda.

Looking forward to trying their Penthouse!