Monday, 29 April 2013

A Year Older

Celebrated my birthday last April 25. I wasn't really planning on having one because I hate admitting that I'm getting older. Haha! Surprise galore! I already have the best gift in the world - the people around me :)

My Birthday Wishlist! Cute right?! See how I'm addicted to fried chicken? :))
Was surprised by Julius with these wonderful flowers ♥ 'One of the many firsts of Summer '13.
I remember telling my sister while she was sleeping before leaving for school to decorate the house like that of a child's birthday party with balloons and all. I didn't expect that she would take it seriously. I was so surprised when I went home to this!

From left to right: Bruno (the eldest. a gift from my dad to my mom), Elmo, Cookie Monster, Moo, My babies Gunter and Pooh, Teddy, Princess and Cat
With this on the middle! The 2nd wish in my list. My mom scanned her license and edited my picture to hers :)) 3 stars for the effort!
What's funny was that they had the computer on with a screensaver of a beach! Which fulfills Wish no. 6! Awesome family over here!

And now. The best part. FOOD!

Mozzarelo fingers. Favorite! 

Chicken no. 1 of Wishlist '13
Yummy Tuna Eggplant Pasta.

Chicken no. 2
His awkward face. Haha!
I may be a year older but the kid in me still reigns! Haha! Thank God for these people and my DUP family, friends and to everyone who made that day special. :)