Thursday, 28 March 2013

Getting Back

At last! Summer's here. Free time to do some catching up. I have neglected this blog long enough and I promise to try my best to attend to my responsibilities here! Haha! Theater's been taking up most of my time. Yes, the previous school year was so tiring because of tons and tons of prod work. To make up for the neglected months I decided to choose pictures for each month :-bd

JUNE: My first sem schedule. Legit UPD Theater Student na! Schedule crappily done. Haha!

JULY: Meeting a new family. My Dulaang UP family. 
AUGUST: Noli the Opera days. First prod :)

SEPTEMBER : Theater 100 finals "Finding the Sun".
SEPTEMBER: Seagull by Tony Mabesa
OCTOBER: Seagull Cast Party. Proud sponsorship staff! Oyeah!
NOVEMBER: Umaaraw, Umuulan Kinakasal Ang Tikbalang. First backstage designation. Props Staff.
DECEMBER:  Christmas with my family here in Manila. Yey!!
JANUARY: New planner for me! Nagbabalik loob :)))
FEBRUARY: After 7 mos of chever times. Better and stronger :">

MARCH:  A masterpiece happened. COLLECTION. Marketing head. The most stressful job ever but this prod gave me enough wisdom. Sobra sobra pa nga :)
March has the most pictures since this month has been so busy. I'm planning on doing another entry for it :) I hope this post makes up for the neglected months!

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