Friday, 3 August 2012


I've been thinking of making this post for almost a week and now the decision's made. Hahaha! Well I am writing this post for my sister, Kamille (who's scheduled to take her exam on Sunday) and to all the other students who will be taking the exam even though this may be late na. Sorry guys!

TIP No. 1: The early bird catches the worm.
Get up early! As one of my professors said "Alam niyo na ngang problema ng Pilipinas ang traffic pupunta pa kayo ng last minute" Guys I swear OA sa pagkatraffic ang traffic ng UPCAT. I remember walking to Physics Bldg. because there's no other option left for me. Hahaha!

I know this is already overrated (kasi ako I hear this everyday from my dad) but this time I'll side with them. You will not survive the exam without it.

TIP No. 3: Relax. 
Never cram for the exam. If there's one thing you should do, it's to relax. You can have your index cards with you but I suggest you think of other things especially when you're already lined up preparing to enter because your flashcards may also be the reason for you to panic. You may get nervous when you see the overwhelming number of students "na pang Wowowee ang pila" but believe me, they're just as nervous as you are so smile and make new friends on the line na lang :)

TIP No. 4: No one says you can't eat inside the testing room
I often hear this from others na they were so shy to eat while taking the exam. Well for me, chewing on something was really a big help! Hahaha! The exam is somehow draining that I ate everything that I had (a kitkat, piattos, snickers) and even shared food with Kenneth (who was also eating the whole time) Everything's easier when you have comfort food around. 

TIP No. 5: Answer everything if you can (or even if you can not)
The UPCAT may be right minus wrong but every wrong answer corresponds to a 0.25 deduction only. Maximize your time by answering those questions that are easy for you first and doing the others last. For those that you aren't sure about, narrow your choices to 2 then leave the choosing to your gut :)))

Though you are under time pressure, there is no need to rush since this may lead to more mistakes. It's better if you read the question twice (I myself did this and I was reading the questions out loud too! Hahaha! Sorry seatmates) to understand the problem better.

TIP No. 7: If I were you I wouldn't look at my reviewer after the exam
Hahaha! I know this is funny but instead of mourning over the questions you were not able to answer, I suggest you treat yourself to an ice cream for finishing the exam. When I went out the building my mom was like "Ok ka lang anak? Bat tulala ka? Ok na yan at least tapos na." Thinking about it today, I wonder how I looked like that day. Hahaha!

But what guided me through it all is thinking positively. One of my favorite teachers when I was in high school  discussed with us the Law of attraction which has proven to be very helpful to me up to now. Just have this positive mindset that you're going to pass the exam to attract the positive energy. And pray. Pray really really hard. Do your best and God will do the rest :)

Good luck to you Kamille!!! I know you can do it :-bd I will be humble enough this time to say na I know you can do better than me. CHOS! Hahaha! And to the others who would also take the UPCAT this year, good luck too and do your best! I still remember how everyday I search for tips in the internet for the UPCAT and it was really helpful. So I hoped this helped a lot! I'll pray for you guys! :*

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