Sunday, 5 August 2012

Goodies Galore!

This is a very late post! As in super late but I can't really not write about this one. My first splurge at Zalora PH!! I was really blessed to have won one of their contests which I talked about here. I feel so bad that I was not able to blog about this right away to show my thanks to them so here I am writing about it now.

I was really super excited for this package since I had fun shopping online because of the convenience Zalora gave. Unlike some online shops who deliver packages after a week, Zalora assures their customers a fast delivery. I got mine in less than 24 hrs (since I ordered 1am and got it at aroung 7pm)

The Magic Box!! 
A new food bowl for Sharkie!

Jean & Rosz pumps. I soooooo love these gorgeous babies! But I had to return them because they were too small for me :((

And yes, you read it right. They allow returning of goods so you don't have to worry about your purchases not fitting you. So convenient right?!

Owl ring which was super affordable!
Palazzo Pants -- MY FAVORITE!!
Super cool eco friendly wallet which when you open shows you a PB&J design
Skull Candy earphones
Yes, they have all kinds of stuff in their site. It's just like strolling in the mall but without the sore feet. Therapy shopping at its best right? I have other purchases which I will blog about soon. You guys should check their site out especially now that they have their Beauty section already! Men's wear, Women's, Kids, Teens, Home furnishing ---- name it.

Visit their online store now!

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