Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shoot: Matt Dadivas

Make up: Kiara Matos
Photos by: Julius Getubig
                 Kyrstynne Vargas
                 Kiara Matos

Practice shoot for us three! Dream come true for our lady! Nakakahiya sa makinis niyang legs and face. It felt as though I was more of a man =))

(c) Me
(c) Me
(c) Kiara Matos
I find this picture stunning! :)
(c) Kiara Matos

(c) Kiara Matos
Cool shot right?
(c) Julius Getubig
(c) Julius Getubig
And for the record those lips are untouched. Grabe lang makanatural beauty!


  1. Omg =)) Ang cute ni Matty! I would die to have his naturally pink lips! -_-

    Hello! Hahaha not sure if you remember me but anyway... I'm Ate Christine! Hahaha! Ka-glee club kita :-)

    1. Yes syempre I remember you po! Who would forget a gorgeous girl like you?! Chos! :""">


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