Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shoot: Got nothin but your POLO on

Haha! I can't think of any title for this post and putting my name up there feels awkward for me. Well for me all shots made by my gorgeous girl Kiara and my awesome boyfriend Julius are perfect that's why I had such a hard time choosing which ones to post. Hahaha! I might pick one and make it my header here :)

Crappy make up shot. Haha. Ang close up naman kasi!

(c) Kiara Matos
Pose directed by her also. As I slowly feel the pumps sinking on the soil. Hahaha!
(c)Kiara Matos
That's my boyfriends top right there! I love how strong the colors are :)
(c) Kiara Matos
(c) Kiara Matos
(c) Julius Getubig
He just loves taking close up shots of my face. Suhweeet :""">
(c)Julius Getubig
Hooray for my hair color! Hahaha!
(c)Julius Getubig
Goofing around I look scary here!! Hahaha!
(c)Julius Getubig
I just love this photo!! Charlie's Angel ang peg! Yes we look so good smiling! 
(c)Julius Getubig
And this one too! Me and my big mouth!!
(c)Julius Getubig
Awesome shot! Guess who Charlie is!! Hahaha!
Ze models :)

Credits to Kiara for this cute picture!
Me and my duck face photographer/boyfriend. Thank you!!!

I am sooo looking forward to another shoot! Good thing I have equally maarte friends who are always willing! ♥

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