Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DIY: Shorts & Shirt

Don't we all have that moment where we get bored with our old clothes and don't wear them anymore? Well I've got this faded jeans rotting in my closet for years now and I feel sorry for not wearing it often anymore because it is really really so comfortable to wear. Well it's summer and there's so much free time that I often get bored and stare at it deciding on whether to cut it short or not. And guess what prevailed? Hahaha!

And this is the victim

Yes. I didn't regret cutting it. Hahaha. Planning on ombre-ing it. If my kasipagan permits.

I took advantage of the cut cloth! I love this braided bracelet!

 And not only did I victimize my pants but because I can't find anything to wear. I also cut this shirt I got from my male cousin because it's too large for me. Hahaha! I love the bright red color in it and decided to keep it instead.

Victim #2

Finish product.

I love the back part. Summery vibe lang ang peg.
Do you guys have your own DIY's too? I've noticed it's in this summer maybe because we're all broke! Hahaha!

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