Monday, 11 June 2012


Sorry for not posting these past few days. I'm just preventing myself from spilling something that has been making me giddy. I'm sooo excited!! Well, anyway as the title says...Colors. I found new babies! Haha! An addition to our nail polish collection. Thanks to Auntie Ellen for giving us these stuff! They're just soo lovely right!

From left to right: Lycra 319 Celebrity Bash, Sally Hansen, Revlon 220 Bubble, 60 seconds 320 Rapid Ruby
 And guess what I picked for my nails!

Sorry for the poor photos my polish was not yet dry when I photographed this =))
Chicken fingers :|   Scary. Hahaha!

Barbie Girl nails ang peg.

I'm going to try and take a snap of myself with my new hair color. Finally! And wait for my post on wednesday! Hihihihi!! So happy and blessed!

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