Friday, 11 May 2012

There they are!!

Ok. Lame title. Forgive me. After days and days of finding and waiting for the "kasipagan" to arrive, finally I've started fixing and sorting my clothes. Actually, I fixed it because my mom is about to arrive again and I don't want to be scolded. Hehehe!

Honestly this is the easiest sorting I've ever gone through. Maybe it's because of the heat that I'm not that emotional with letting go of clothes. (Connect?!)

Look what I found!!! I got so excited when I saw these 3. I suddenly missed my highschool days!

My pep dreams made true back in high school.

Red Hunters.
This was the first cheerdancing experience that I got. It was my first year in IJA and we had this as a costume for the sportsfest.

Back view

IJA Pep Squad
3rd year experience. MARIPRISAA. 2nd Place! This one's my favorite!

Blue Wolves
4th year. Sportsfest. We placed 1st on this! Though our costumes looked like pajamas and made us look funny, our "shembot" moves found its way through =)))

Next stop: UAAP. K. Dreaming mode again! Hahaha!

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