Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Teenage Queen's Back-To-School Giveaway! OPEN TO COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY!

Well I wanted to share with you guys this awesome giveaway The Diary of a Teenage Queen has. I also felt that same feeling when I was about to enter college last year and felt that great loss because of the no-school-supplies-shopping already. Hahaha! Check out her post here. She's giving away lots of stuff that you will surely love!

*This giveaway is open only to COLLEGE STUDENTS in Metro Manila.

These are the stuff we're giving away to ONE lucky gal! Yep, WINNER TAKES ALL!

1. An artsy fartsy planner from SLATE.
Oh gosh, I love this planner to bits. Not only is it perfect for people who like to get their schedules organized, but it's also super duper perfect for people who love to doodle! (Haha so if you get bored in class, feel free to draw around this book...uhm, not that I'm setting a bad example or anything...). 

Colorful pages!

Ready...set..  DOODLE!

For inspiration <3

They also hold contests! Simply submit the  artworks/doodles that you did on your planner , and you might get a chance to win awesome stuff!

This planner is perfect for writers, too! Unleash your imagination!!

2. A Fashionable school bag from BAGELLIA FILIPINAS
Every fashionista needs a bag to carry around and put her stuff in. Satchels are so in, you'll be sure to rock the hallways.

If you're a bag lover, then I'm sure that you'd LOVE Bagellia Filipinas, for they offer a variety of bags to choose from!  

Oh, and make sure to wait for their upcoming collection! They're going to release super colorful and super cute bags!! So watch out for it! ;)

3. An oversized hoodie from DANCE FLAVA

Most people forget to exercise because they'd rather bury their heads under their books! But let me tell you, that's a no-no! NEVER EVER forget to remain physically healthy!!

 And besides, what better way is there to release your stress than to release some of those endorphins? Oh yeah! Exercising is proven to make you happier and feel more beautiful inside :) 
And that's what Dance Flava is for.. They believe  hitting the gym, the dance studio, or the joggers' lane is NOT an excuse for being UNFASHIONABLE! 

So whenever you plan on exercising,  make sure to be fit while in this super cute bright hoodie!

4. A mani-pedi treatment from Posh & Glam Fashion & Beauty Lounge! 
Posh and Glam , or HEAVEN, as I call it, is located at #13 Holy Spirit Dr. Isidora Hills, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. Make sure to check out THIS post to read about my very first mani pedi treatment there!
Anyway, nothing's yuckier than to see a girl with gremlin-like nails! eew.  But don't worry, because Posh and  Glam is your knight-in-shining-armor, ready to save you & treat you like a princess! ;) *wink wink*

Escape from all those fuzz and problems, and step right into this oasis in the busy streets of Don Antonio! ;)

5. A box of 12 cupcakes from Spoonful of Sugar

Why do we always eat sweet stuff whenever we're stressed out?
I know why!
You'll surely forget all your worries once you take a bite of this delicious, home made goodies!!!!! <3

Remember, you can't buy happiness, but you CAN buy cupcakes- and that's about the same thing! Heehee.

*Spoonful of Sugar is located at Moonleaf Don Antonio and Moonleaf Sgt Esguerra


Three people will each win a Slate planner and a braided necklace from Simone's Closet!! 

These bracelets were all hand made with LOVE by Simone's Closet. Spice up any outfit with these lovelies!
The first winner will pick the color of her bracelet, followed by the second, and then the third.

You'll love Simone's Closet's accessory line! They're unique and not over-priced! Choose from a variety of colors, fabrics and designs!

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