Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So what we get drunk...so what we get drunk

Ok. I know the title's not suitable for a fashion post. Hahaha! I just have this stuck in my head. Blame Daniel Bugayong for that. Haven't been posting for days because I'm still adapting with the bed weather and trying to keep my self awake for quite some time. Kiddin! Busy with the shifting process and lots of stuff.

I wanna share with you guys this shoot I had with some of my friends. No posts for now. Just teasers :> (Because I still have to go somewhere. Haha)

(c) Kiara Matos
Kiara photographing me photographing her.
(c) Julius Getubig

Shooting with friends was just so fun I can't get over it. Hahaha! Good thing I have maarte ones like them!

One of our photographer. Thanks for being there!!
Me doing Trina's face
Kiara doing Matt's make up

That's all for now because I'm running late for something. So excited to show you the pictures!! I know you guys will love it :)

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