Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy sweet 16!!!

And because it's my sister's birthday she's the bida of this post! Happy happy birthday Kamille! Wow you guys are really growing up so fast. Happy sweet 16! Though we may not had a got start because we always fight when we were still younger, I'm glad that now we are like those sisters we watch on movies telling each other their secrets and asking each other for advice :) So in 16 pictures I'm gonna tell you my birthday message for you :)

You were so cute back then. And your innocent look fooled us all. Hahaha!
Bata ka pa lang lagi ka ng gutom. Hahaha!

You have me to thank for for pulling your hair and making it that straight =))
I know you have always looked up to me and have always been your idol that's why I thank you, because without you and Kyle, I may not have big dreams nor the courage to stand up for my decisions :)
Even if you were still a little child, maarte ka na. Tanggap na namin yun :)
You know I have always loved you ever since :)
Though you may be taller than me now, there was a time when you were shorter than me! BEAT THAT!! 
Take care of Kyle! Don't be so sungit na! Let that be your resolution haha! Or else though you're prettier *pukes* you'll get wrinkles earlier! O ha! THAT RHYMES!!
Don't worry. You still have many years ahead of you to get that dream bod you've always wanted.
When you get here you'll be my jogging mate every day!!!

Happy birthday Kamille! Wag ka na magselos if Kyle's my favorite, you'll still the first bestfriend I'll ever have. And I will always be your number one pangasar Ate because you're just so sungit that I enjoy it. Hahahaha! Take care of Kyle, Daddy and Mama there! Soon we shall live our dreams to become Serena and Blair! We may not always be there for you but always remember that you have our trust to hold on to. We know you'll do the right thing :) I may not tell things straight to you or give you direct answers pag tinatanong mo ko about how to make your decisions, it's just because I want you to learn things your way because I know you surely have learned from my mistakes :) I know we will reach those big dreams we've always had for Mama, Daddy and Kyle. You'll always have me through all the way, just don't forget that :) Wag ka na magdrama. This will be the last birthday we'll spend far from each other :) I love you and I miss you soooo lil big sis! Hahaha! Happy birthday! >:D<

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