Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy birthday lil sis! ♥

Ok. This post will be kinda gooey because it's my little sister's birthday!! Happy birthday Kyle!! This one's for you in return for the video you made me. Hahaha!

Kyle at 4 months
It was 10 years ago when God unexpectedly blessed us with another sibling. You came at the right time because Ate Gela and Ate Kamille were already growing tired of each other and always always alwaaays fight na. We were really praying for a baby boy because we really want one that's why your name is Kyle (Daddy thought of it) and Briana (Mama) for a girly touch. Pero ok na din. At least we have someone to dress up again! :))
Kyle 3 yrs old

That's why you grew up so arte because you have Ates' like us! Ok. We blame ourselves for that. And that you're so sensitive (which I claim you got from me) and masungit at the same time (which you got from ate kamille) Don't worry even though she gets so sungit to you she still loves you so much!! 

We also blame ourselves for the loss of your chubby cheeks. Backstory: We tease her for being fat so she wanted to be thin and it came true! Hope that works for me too!

Though you make this poses we still love you for that. Don't worry, Ate Gela and Ate Kamille once took photos like these. When you grow older you'll just laugh at these things :)

And even if you don't talk to me when I call there and you cry every time I speak to you, I would still forgive you for that. I miss how you do your roll call every night saying "Good night Ate Gela, I love you too" even if we don't say good night and i love you. Honestly, you brought out the soft side of us 4 and though your this spoiled brat sometimes, it wouldn't be this good without you. Happy 10th birthday Kyle!! Don't grow too fast! And please don't grow taller na. Or else I will really be the shortest. Hahaha! Take care!

I was crying from the start of this post till the end.
Happy birthday!
Hugs and Kisses! I love you and I miss you guys there!

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