Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gotcha! Poweer UP!!!

I can't think of any title. Sorry. I can hear action heroes in my head right now. Hahaha! Remember that something I was talking about in my previous post? Well, I'll talk about it here.

While my mom was waiting for me as I look at the requirements, there was this group of students who approached her. They were selling her this UP Powercard. Well I admit those girls were pretty good with the sales talk because they made my mom buy it. Hahaha! Kiddin aside, we decided to buy it because aside from the perks it offers, they're also one with Nat Geo's Be One movement.

Sorry for the blurry shots. I took this while on the bus. This is how the card looks like :)

And the freebies you get by availing it
Yes they have so many sponsors right! And you'll just get giddy when you see the discounts you can get :) And the best part is we've purchased it for just P150!

If you want to know more about their advocacy you can check out their site :)
Facebook: Be One Movement

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