Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crazy day.

This day was really crazy! After the sad news about me shifting to archi comes today's audition for theater arts. Well I've accepted the fact that this is maybe what's really meant for me and God is just tweaking my way a bit so that I won't have to go through the harder path.

My day began at 6 am. I can't sleep thinking that in just a matter of 3 hours I will be having an unprepared audition.

Disaster #1: Throat feels not so good.
Disaster #2: Not-so-memorized-piece
Disaster #3: Dance and Song

Then on the way to Diliman, I realized I forgot to bring the USB connector for the MP3. (that would be Disaster #4) ASDFGHJKL!!!! I ended up crying because of frustration and hopelessness. Good thing I had this talkative side and just chatted with the other auditionees there. I was about to go and not audition but their uplifting words just pulled the will in me.

I dragged my thick face (makapal na muka HAHAHA) there and performed. Good thing the professors were not so scary and actually laughed with my performance which I hope is a good sign. Bragging aside, I still thank that "package deal talent" God blessed me with. I think that made up for the disastrous start! Please please pray that I pass!


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  1. Prayers!!! O:) I bet you rocked that audition anyway :))


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