Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blue and Green

And because I was so fond of these two kittens when I was in LB, I decided to make this post just for them! They really are so cute! Patches (may you rest in peace) wherever you may be, you've really made a great job with these two!

So meet Blue and Green!

The one on the left is Blue and the one on the right is green
As you can see, they were named Blue and Green for a reason...and that reason is... wait for it... wait for it... their EYES! Hahaha! Obviously! Though they may look very much alike, they differ in their behavior.

Blue is the masungit one. My mom's theory is that Blue is older than Green. She said this because when we placed them outside the room (because we were about to sleep and they want to sleep on our bellies) Blue was meow-ing non stop because she can't find Green! Sweet cat right!

Green is the playful one and the sweeter one. Sweaar! She is so touchy, lambing, and smart. She will cuddle with your foot so that you will move it and then she gets to chase it then bite (playing bite) it.

She walks over the laptop because she wants my hands for cuddling.
She looks like a dead rat here. Hahaha!
She didn't mind that I put that belt on her basta all the attention will be on her. Hahaha! FYI, that took a lot of baby bites just so I could put it on her. Hahaha! She thinks of my belt as a toy.

They're just so cute right! :)

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