Sunday, 6 May 2012

Because they're the best :)

Sorry for the late blog post. Internet at home crapped up. I just wanna share with you how amazing my friends are :) Although my 18th was not as expected they surely gave me a memorable one.

It was Sunday, already 4 days after my birthday when they threw a surprise for me. I really thought it would just be an ordinary day where in I get to catch up with my adopted sister, Carlen and go to Church with Julius. So I met up with Julius for Church and met with Carlen. After which, we headed straight to their house and chatted there. We headed out and went to Marquinton.

On the way,
Carlen: "Naiihi ako. Ano kaya Gela pasok lang tayo Starbucks makiihi lang"
Me: "E nakakahiya!"
Carlen: "Dali na di naman nila malalaman na di tayo bumili e"

As we enter, I saw Kiara and Ave there. I thought it was just coincidence that they were there. Then Maegan, Doreen and Trina came. Being the sensitive kid that I am, I keep on telling them "Grabe! Di man lang nagyayaya. Ganyan na pala ngayon" And as they were explaining themselves, one of the baristas in Starbucks shouted "THERE'S A BIRTHDAY GIRL IN THE HOUSE! ONE VENTI MMCF FOR KYRSTYNNE ANGELA!". I didn't know what to feel! Grabe. I felt humiliated and touched at the same time. Although it was a great part of our highschool days to humiliate each other in public when something comes, I still wasn't expecting anything.

Behind the scene picture from Kiara's album. Isn't she gorgeous? :">

The MCCF comes with a very touching message :">

Sorry I didn't get to take pictures when it still had something in it :)

Aren't we the loveliest?
The take your pick shot. Hahaha! The rarest moment coz we're complete.
With Trina baby :">
After that, they had me blindfolded for another surprise :)

The pretty driver Doreen
A crappy picture of me cooperating with them
The most thoughtful, gorgeous and the one who started it all, my adopted sister Carlen :)
I knew we were heading home especially when they panicked upon entering the house. Remember my rants on twitter about the drainage improvement thingy? Hahaha! To get to our house you have to cross pieces of wood which is really scary.

Matt with his never failing effort :)

I was surprised to these guys there. Now I know how much you guys love me :"> Hahaha!
Dream come true bro! =)))

 Matt, Kiara, Me, Trina, Doreen and Ave

Pretty Kiariray


I really had a blast that day :) The real surprise was my mom and the video my siblings made for me. My birthday wish was to celebrate with them but it was not possible because I'm still working on my shifting here. *cross fingers* I really appreciate all the effort these guys made to make this birthday special :"> I have so many things to thank for and they're one of those :"> THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! :* :* :*

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