Thursday, 19 April 2012

A taste of Korea

After being left alone here for 5 days (which made me nearly insane because of the silence) my aunt brought "pasalubong" from her Korea trip. And being a family who likes food a lot. Hehehe. She let me taste Korea through the things bought.

The first was the sushi she had. I was not able to take a picture of it because I had it for breakfast and was still sleepy. Honestly, there was nothing spectacular about the food. The rice was delicious though. She said that food there tastes really tastes like that. Close to not tasting anything. They had to put a lot of salt to the food.

Korean chips. We ate it even though we don't know what's written in front. It actually looks like Kornets.
The one we have here but without the salty taste.

Popcorn. It tastes.... uhmm. *speechless*

This is actually like ampao. And my favorite!!!

It has 7 different flavors I think? but for me they all taste the same. Is there something wrong with my tastebuds? Hehehe.

I like this one the best!

Say hello to my pink nails!

I love this!! Who wouldn't want almonds inside a snack bag?!

Who wouldn't love these?! We kept on nibbling for 4 days. Hahaha!

This one tastes like banana chips with nori on it. Delicious!

So to those who wants to go to Korea, I say you should try this foodies!!

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