Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Series of Lovely Events : Holy Wednesday

Yes. This is a late entry from the holy week's events. What I thought would be an ordinary holy week turned out so great and holy, of course. Good thing I'm blessed with a guy like Julius who involved me with their family's tradition. Being a religious city, it has been a tradition here in Marikina to have this procession showcasing the images of the different saints and scenes in Jesus' life.

It was not a smooth start since we had to run back to their house to pick up another generator because the one that they had at the Church was not working. They are the owner of St. Peter who was the first to go out so we really had to be back at the Church fast. And yes we made it a few seconds before the procession starts. Honestly, this was the most tiring holy week I've ever had compared to the last 2 years that I spent with him. Even though I've seen this images a lot of times, I still get that same feeling when I first saw them.

Here are some awesome pictures taken by Julius :)

I had a hard time walking because I foolishly wore ankle socks with my rubber shoes and it was a long walk so I had blisters at the back of my feet :|

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