Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Series of Lovely Events : Easter Sunday

Sorry for my inconsistent update. Summer is really getting into my nerves and makin' me as lazy as I could possibly get. Now I'm left with so many things to share from late events.

Though far from my family (which I'm missing so much) my Easter Sunday was fun. Thanks to Julius' family again. The day started at 2 am since we attended the "Salubong" mass. And since most of us didn't get enough sleep, we were so hyped and so makulit during the procession.

You'll see in the next images how he is such a frustrated photographer. He keeps on telling me to blog about this and which pictures I should put in my blog. Cute! And yes I agree he has some great shots :)

 (c) Julius Getubig

 (c) Julius Getubig
The Church at night time.

(c) Julius Getubig
The "Salubong". I still get goosebumps even if I've seen this twice already. I don't know why.

(c) Julius Getubig
The Risen Jesus

(c) Julius Getubig

(c) Julius Getubig
A picture of St. Peter
See I told you he takes nice pictures :) Proud girlfriend over here! 

I got this Easter treat from a house we passed by! They're giving treats to the kids joining the procession. And to those kid-at-heart also! ♥

Photo of the day! Hahaha.

(c)Julius Getubig
His favorite candid shot. Not mine :|

We stopped for like 30 minutes because of another procession that's why we had so many funny shots. And because the photographer is so makulit din!

His youngest brother. Yes. I look tired.

(c) Julius Getubig
The best! Taken after the procession.

I hope you guys had a great Easter Sunday too! :*

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