Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bye dorm life :(

Ok. Sorry for not posting. Vacation mode, long weekend e. And because of that I'm left with a lot of things to talk about. But I still haven't uploaded the pictures so we'll get to that some other time. Been spending a lot of time with Julius to make up for the lost time when I was in Laguna and since summer classes are coming closer.

Yesterday we went to UPLB again to get my things at my dorm. This was supposed to be done before the holy week but since he was busy and tagged me along with his busyness (which I will be writing about in another blog), I had no time to go back. (and I know I couldn't carry all my things alone) Before we headed to the dorm we had lunch in Jollibee since he had so many GC's from the Shell Promo.

The 2 of us hungrily waiting.

Yes, I had a lot of stuff left there. And only in this picture did I realize that I had these pink clothes. Hahaha. So girly! I was the one to take the things out from my cabinet and he will be the one to put it inside the bags. I also realized that I have this hording obsession to keep things and not throw them away. For example, a moon leaf cup from my first date with my room mate, a box of perfume which had polka dots on it etc. We even had a funny conversation about it.

Julius: Ano to?!
Me: Box ng pabango
Julius: Bakit iuuwi mo pa?
Me: E! Ang cute di ba! May polka dots!
Julius: Sus itapon mo na
Me: Wait! Gupitin mo muna yung part na may polka dots!

My "cooperative" boyfriend. Thank you for not being grumpy even though the weather was hotter than summer and we were running here and there.

It was really a tiring day. So if some of you guys are planning to stay in a dorm and then transfer the next year here's something for you to remember. Do not bring things that you think you would not be using. I had so many clothes there that I did not even use and so many bags too! Staying in a dorm is really fun and is worth trying if you want to try and learn new things :) That's all for now. I'm gonna sort my pictures first so I can write about it later. :*

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