Monday, 26 March 2012

A not so good merienda

After weeks and weeks of craving for Chic-Boy's Turones de leche I finally had one this afternoon.
I first had the chance of tasting this dessert at their branch near Quiapo, Manila. I was a first timer in the restaurant so my guy was the one who ordered it. Being a fan of sweets and Filipino delicacies, I got really addicted to it. But Chic-boy doesn't have a branch near UPLB so I had to wait for vacation to eat one again.

We tried the branch here at Graceland because it was the nearest in our house. The service was okay and the place was not that crowded compared to other branches because it was still new. I was just disappointed with how the turon tasted because it was like fried on the outside but the inner layer of the cover was still raw and somehow tastes sour. Too bad for missing this for a long time :((

The prices on this branch is also higher since this costs 40.00 while on the others it's only 35.00

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