Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lush fever

Last Thursday was girl bonding time with Danielle! Tired from all the work at school with our eye bags on and stressed looks, we decided to make fun of her! Hahaha! Just kiddin'! She always mentions how much she loves the red lipstick I had here which a friend of mine left with me. It's Revlon's True Red Color Burst Lipstick that would really make any woman look glamorous and classy. So to give in to her, we decided to dress her up and take shots of her since my room mate is also looking for a model for her photography class.

The red lips completed her look! Without anything else on. It just works by itself. It really made all the hassles gone and made her look fresh. It's good for those days that you feel so lazy to fix your face and just go on without anything. But I think it's only good for those who can really carry the lipstick since it's very vibrant and attention seeking.

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