Thursday, 20 April 2017

Welcome Back Self! + Life Update

Here I am, almost a year since my last post, welcoming myself again in the blogging world. A lot of up's and down's has happened for the past months. New discoveries and renewed ties that I didn't get to share with you guys. I found myself always wanting to create but forever delaying because of so many "e kasi..." and "baka sabihin nila" It got to a point where I felt things got too toxic for me that I needed to take a break from this blog, from social media and from socializing because I wouldn't want to put my miserable self out there. I would often write on my planner "I miss my blog :(" or "NEW PASSION PROJECT ALERT: Youtube Channel" but I never tried doing any of them.

I was stuck. 

There were so many things that I wanted to do but all I did was write them down on my "Ideas to Dominate the World" notebook. Little by little I found the will again to create from the small blessings that I have been receiving. My previous freelance ventures surrounded with me with creative and passionate people and most of all super appreciative, that sometimes I feel as if I don't deserve what I was receiving. My passion was once again there and I knew I'm ready to take those baby steps towards achieving my goals.

When I re-launched Sunbaked Swimwear (my online shop) at a bazaar in Tiendesitas, I was so happy because I didn't even realize that I could actually meet and socialize with other swimsuit lovers and really talk with them, not just do pure business. It was a heart-warming experience which boosted my confidence and pushed me to do what I really want. 

2017 is all about DOING.

Yeah. This blog post is all over the place and I'm just here rambling endlessly but I want to look back on this post and say "Yes gurl! You did it!" No more what if's and e kasi's. I know I could create, so why not push for these goals? I may not be heading towards the easy and short route but I'll proudly venture towards the long and challenging one with a smile on my face, no regrets.

You'll probably be seeing a few blog makeovers for the next couple of days or months because why not right? And a new life project that I hope I continue!